Toca Life

Do you know how any sandbox game starts? That’s right, by creating your character. Or avatar, everyone calls it as they like. After all, this is the main thing in the entire game, the representation of the player and the refection of their personality. That’s why it’s so important to pay proper attention to that aspect of the gameplay and make sure your hero looks just like you envision. And there are plenty of options for that in Toca Life!

First of all, you’ll get to the character editor where you’ll be able to customize every detail about your character’s appearance. All of the options are conveniently divided into three groups marked by color. The yellow category allows you to set gender and age, the green one – to adjust facial traits and finally the red one contains a tremendous collection of clothes where you can choose just about anything you would like to wear.

Moreover, you can change your outfit right in the process. You don’t have to stick with just one set of clothes that you came up with at the beginning. There are plenty of other amazing outfits in your wardrobe that you should wear. That will give you a chance to express your mood and bring in more versatility to the gameplay.

Another no less exciting thing is decorating and furnishing your place. Every resident of Toca Life must have a house, and you are no exception. But right now it’s empty and you need to fill it with furniture and all other cool things on your own. Just like with the character editor, you’ll find all available items in the menu on the right. Then you will just have to drag them onto a spot in the room where you have to put, say, a bed or hang a shelf. There are also a lot of things that are included in the menu just for the sake of coziness and beauty – for instance, paintings or flowers.

That’s it, your home is ready! Now you can go and check out how your neighbors live. Or invite them over to your place. Or leave the residential area altogether and go have fun somewhere in the city. There are plenty of great places where you can do that – for instance, the shop, the cafe, the theater. Once inside, you won’t be able not only to buy or eat something, or watch a show, but also to cook food and play on stage yourself! And this is going to be quite a different kind of experience. Start discovering all the wonderful things that are awaiting you in Toca Life right now and enjoy the process!

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