Toca Life World

Wanna add some diversity and colors to your life? Maybe it’s time to plunge into a bright and exciting whirlpool called Toca Life World! You will find yourself in a realistic city divided into several lively parts, each of which has elements of infrastructure – buildings, houses, shops, cafes, beauty salons and citizens of course. In total, there are four locations that may appear strikingly similar to districts of your own city. Remote residential areas are meant for living. That’s where the houses of the players are located. The center, of course, is more interesting, here you can enjoy a great number of activities and visit a lot of amazing places.

The firs you need to visit is the Shop. Here money jumps out of the ATM on its own, and the purchase can be put in the basket and boldly carried through the frame, no one will punish or stop you. If you want a free haircut and styling, you should go to the Hairdresser’s. You just come, sit in a chair and relax – the staff already knows how to make you look beautiful.

Those into art can go to the Theater. Here you can try any role – not only of an actor, but also a director, make-up artist, costume designer, or remain a spectator. Musical instruments work and sound, creating compositions for cultural pastime in the virtual world. You can even set up your own rock band and set the building on fire! And if you don’t feel like going anywhere in particular today, you can always stay at home or visit your friends. An excellent selection of cozy houses, kind and friendly neighbors make it a real pleasure. Everything is like in the real world – water flows from the tap, delicious roasts are being fried in the oven, the refrigerator is full of food.

And of course, you shouldn’t forget about the most interesting part – customizing your character! For those who like to “play with dolls” – to dress, change the hairstyle and color of hair or eyes, choose who to play as a boy or a girl – there are just a lot of amazing options. What can you change in the appearance of your avatar? Almost anything – age, height, shape of eyes, nose, lips, hairstyle. There are many options for changing clothes according to the season and mood, a lot of hats, sunglasses and other cool things. You can also choose one of the numerous professional suits and shoes, additional accessories by the character’s occupation and so on. Learn more on your own playing Toca Life World online!

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