Toca Boca

The world is shifting into the digital realm fast, and even the youngest of kids more and more often prefer computer games to the good old entertainments in the real world. So what game can you choose for them to play that will be both useful for them and not too addicting? If you are thinking about that question, then Toca Boca will probably be one of the best answers! It’s made for children from 5 years old and perfectly suits the perception of a toddler. Colorful graphics, cute characters, simple yet very thorough activities – all of that can be found here.

The game is divided into several small games, each having its own meaning and goal. For instance, the player may be tasked with controlling a train, going from station to station and picking up passengers. It will teach the little ones to be attentive and careful, to bear responsibility because the train needs to be at the station on time and the passengers have to arrive at their destination safe and sound, without anything happening to them.

Another example, closer to our daily life – the young audience is asked to work at the local store as cashier. You need to run the goods through the scanner, calculate the total price of the purchase and print the check. This is something we all encounter every day, and knowing how it all looks and works will surely be useful for the kids in the future. After a training like that, you may well send them to make purchases in the store all on their own!

What’s very interesting, Toca Boca has no clear goals or outstanding achievements. You don’t have to strive for anything while you’re playing – you just have to enjoy the process. There is no pressure to earn as many points as possible or perform another quest faster than the rest of the players. The only stimulus for you to try harder is the price of the outfit you particularly like that you need yet another handful of coins to save up for. And that’s also good because you can relax and get fully involved in the gameplay without thinking of anything else.

Actually, parents often get just as much hung up on this game as their kids! You can even play together with your little ones helping them and guiding their first steps in this bright virtual world – that will also help the entire family bond and spend a great time. Find out more about Toca Boca and all the incredible entertainments and activities available here playing the game online on our site!

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