Toca Life Hospital

If you want to feel what it’s like to work in medicine, you definitely need to play Toca Life Hospital! Here you will have to perform the responsibilities of a dedicated doctor who deals with all kinds of illnesses and traumas on a daily basis. The hospital itself is a large building consisting of five floors. Each of them has its own unique features, so it’s worth visiting every corner of the map.

Whenever some new patient arrives at the hospital, they first need to get registered at the counter on the first floor. The nurse will assign all of the required analyses and call a doctor specializing in their condition. Some of the patients can’t make it to the hospital themselves. For that, there is a whole garage of ambulances in the basement. Here you can always catch the sound of the wailing sirens – the city cares about its residents. At the same floor, there is a lab where all the tests are run.

Besides, the hospital contains a surgery room. Here you can try your hand at conducting all kinds of surgeries. It will depend on your actions whether the person on the table is going to survive or not. So stay focused, calculate every move of your scalpel very precisely and use the clues that will appear on the screen to do everything right.

The most fascinating department here, however, is the delivery room. The birth of a new life is a fascinating event. And you can help the little ones make their way into the big world. You will also need to take care of them all the time while they stay at the hospital. As usual, the game will clue you in on what to do. And since life and death always go hand in hand, there is also a special room where people can say goodbye to their nearest and dearest and see them to their last journey.

Not all of the premises on the map are medicine-related. For instance, you can discover something as great as the stone garden – a place where the staff goes to if they want to relax after a particularly stressful day. Hopefully, you’ll like it in Toca Life Hospital and will be able to bring a lot of good into this small virtual world!

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