Toca Life 2

Everyone knows that children love to play with different characters and come up with interesting stories. But it turns out that everyday life attracts them even more than the fantasy world. And Toca Life 2 gives them just the kind of an opportunity. This great sandbox offers young players a chance to create their own stories as part of their daily routine, be it breakfast with the family, going to school or meeting friends.

When it comes to a kid’s imagination, almost any object can become alive for them. With the light hand of a child, even an ordinary kettle acquires a voice and character. If we draw a house, there must be windows there so that the little player can “switch” day and night. Or, for example, children love to throw everything away. Therefore, the game has a sufficient number of trash cans. In other words, Toca Life 2 is an attempt to look at the world with the eyes of a kid.

The first thing to take care of that is the colorful graphics just like in those cute cartoons everyone is watching on TV. The little ones will be excited with bright colors and charming looks of the characters. There are lots of them in the game and you can fully customize the way your own hero is going to look. The game offers a tremendous assortment of tools for that, including a detailed character editor right at the beginning and a variety of clothes and accessories you can change at will during the gameplay.

There are also lots of places where you can go and a great number of things you can do there. For instance, in the theater you can become an actor or stage a play. You can even start your own music band. It’s just as interesting to go to the hair salon because here you can come up with your own hair style from scratch. You can also try different jobs – at the shop, hospital and school.

And surely it’s always exciting to meet new friends! This opportunity is also represented in the game since here you can encounter plenty of amazing characters that live in the neighborhood or simply happen to be at the same place as you. Who knows, maybe it’s going to end like a real friendship! By the way, you can also get yourself a pet here who will accompany you everywhere you go. Start discovering this great virtual world right now and learn a lot more amazing things about it playing it online!

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