Toca Life 3

Toca Life 3 is a wonderful game with tons of possibilities. It’s a full-fledged simulator of life in a bright virtual world. Here you can unlock a character and create a story yourself. To do this, you have access to all your favorite places, pets and heroes. Use the school, hospital, skate park as your entertainment destination. You have the power to come up with any story and bring it to life. The main feature of this game is complete freedom of action.

After launching the game, you find yourself in a busy urban area. There are 8 areas available for entertainment. Move between the mall, food court, apartment, hairdresser and more. Come up with your own story, arrange places and choose the appearance for the characters yourself. This will allow you to independently create a new world by mixing places, objects and characters.

Colorful, cartoonish graphics will allow you to get into a fairy tale. Vivid heroes and locations, unlimited possibilities and the ability to move through the gameplay at will make it a perfect option for those who love sandboxes. This is an exciting adventure that combines your favorite characters from the previous versions and also some new things and objects. You make history yourself and get the opportunity to mix its elements as you wish. Despite its light weight, the game is bringing together dozens of locations, heroes and hundreds of items.

This addictive game will be interesting for adults and children. Here everyone will find exciting moments and opportunities. The greatest thing about the third part is the amount of new content introduced to it. There are 125 pets, 300 items and 50 places that you can enjoy. With each subsequent update, the developers promise to add even more content and new heroes. Enjoy the gameplay of Toca Life 3 and follow the prompts to make the most of it!

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