Fidget Trading Toca Life World

Toca Life World is a new entertainment allowing players to create a unique world and add various storylines to it. All Toca Life applications have now been combined in a new World game. Now you can freely move around all the places you had to visit separately before and play mini-games. In this further game modification, players get access to a whole universe with familiar objects and details. It is ideal space to unleash your creativity and develop your own story. In total, there are over fifty locations, three hundred characters and over a hundred pets. And the authors are constantly updating the assortment of backgrounds, characters, and fun activities.
Moreover, you can use one fascinating feature in the game and trade and exchange many other exciting things. First of all, as you move along various locations, look for various fidget toys and collect them for free. If you are attentive enough, you will find a lot of pop-it objects, slime toys, squishes, simple dimple items, and others. Later on, you can trade all your things with other players and get new items in your collection. You just need to offer a fidget toy for trading and accept the deal when the other player offers the toy you need in exchange. Once you are not happy with the offered deal, you can always decline it.
Numerous characters and features make the game very exciting for children. It boosts the imagination and make the world even more colorful. Children are true researchers – they are constantly experimenting with new things. And Toca Life: World will open up limitless possibilities for the new experience. In this game world, every player will find their favorite corner where he can be anyone. These features make the game mega-popular among the children’s audience around the world. Adults can also join the game to have fun together with the kids.

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