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Toca Life is a series of educative and fun sandboxes for kids that will surely enchant not only the little ones, but also their parents. There is everything here to live a happy virtual life – the ability to create your own hero and pick an outfit for them, a cozy house that you can furnish to your liking and plenty of places you can visit to enjoy a wide range of activities. So, shall we get started?

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Choose your character and a house to live in!

The game begins by making your character from zero. There is a clear and comprehensive editor where you can customize every element of your avatar’s looks, starting from their gender and ending with the color of their eyes. The editing process is conveniently broken into three sections and you can easily switch between them at the bottom of the screen. The last stage is dedicated to choosing the outfit. But don’t worry, it won’t be permanent. You can dress your hero up any way you like right in the process and changes clothes on the go. There are plenty of bright clothing items that you can combine freely, as well as ready costumes that will delight the little fashionistas.

Once you’re ready with your hero, it’s time to choose an area where he or she will live. There are several of them with different landscapes and houses. You can select a home to your taste and then make it even cozier by furnishing it the way you want. For that, there are dozens of great options. You just have to search for the necessary object in the menu on the right and then drag it onto the spot where you would like it to stand. In the same way, you can equip your kitchen with all the needed appliances – fridge, stove and coffee machine – and decorate the house with amazing stuff that will make it look even more beautiful.

Go out, explore the city, have fun!

Well, now that the most basic things have been taken care of, you can finally walk out and explore the city! There are plenty of great places you can visit, and each of them hosts some unique activities you can pursue. For instance, you can go to the supermarket and find all the goods you need there. You can even try the job of a cashier selling products to the customers and giving them a check in the end. It will be useful for kids that need to learn everything about these daily things as soon as possible.

Other jobs available in the game include teaching at school, working at the hospital and so on and so forth. There are options to get your hair done or even come up with your own inimitable hair style in the local beauty salon. You can see what it’s like to be an actor in the theater or even stage your very own play for the viewers to enjoy. You can start a rock band, throw a memorable performance and do a lot of other great stuff coming up with new ideas and adventures every day.

Toca Life will thrill you with colorful visuals, simple controls and an immense range of possibilities. It’s a whole virtual world where you can build your own life and invent your own stories. Here kids can try out different pursuits and discover a lot about real life too which will surely come in handy later. Start exploring this amazing world right now, get into its most remote corners and discover all of its little secrets having fun in this incredible online game!

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